Classic Coffee

There is just something special about getting up and hopping in your classic car to cruise down to the local car show to enjoy a nice cup of brew. Living in Austin Texas we are blessed with so many local car shows. Every car has a story! Here are a couple of samples from the Leander Car show in June. See more at Donny Greenway Photography. Every Day is a Good Day!

Leander car show nice ride.3 (5 of 5)Leander car show nice ride.3 (3 of 5)

Leander car show nice ride.2 (1 of 1)Leander car show nice ride (1 of 1)

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Horsepower and Sunshine!!!

Looking forward to the Leander car show tomorrow! Here are a few samples from the last show. The weather should be perfect for it! Cars, Trucks, and Hot Rods! Each one has a story. I will be starting a series on the “stories” of some of the awesome pieces of machinery that we fall in love with and treat as family! For more pictures of cars,trucks and hot rods check out my website. Donny Greenway Photography

Leander car show May 2015 .2 (1 of 6) Leander car show May 2015 .2 (2 of 6) Leander car show May 2015 .2 (3 of 6)Leander car show May 2015 .2 (5 of 6) Leander car show May 2015 .2 (4 of 6) Leander car show May 2015 .3 (1 of 4) Leander car show May 2015 .3 (2 of 4) Leander car show May 2015 .3 (3 of 4) Leander car show May 2015 .3 (4 of 4)

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A picture is worth a thousand Memories!

One of my favorite places in the world! ………So Far! Turtle Cove which is just a short bicycle ride to Akumal Bay Mexico. Just an amazing earth centering place! We spent a couple of days there a few years back. It is still very remote and non-touristy. As the summer approaches it always makes me think of our travels to Mexico.

Half moon bay (1 of 1)

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Far Out Full Moon

I absolutely love full moons!!! So last night I thought I would do my monthly full moon shoot. The night was perfect! Talk about lining up! I love when a shoot actually ends BETTER then expected.

moon 6.1.15 (3 of 5)

I actually stumbled on a really cool technique.

moon 6.1.15 (1 of 5)

These are shot straight out of the camera.

moon 6.1.15 (4 of 5)

I can’t wait to try this with other photos!

moon 6.1.15 (5 of 5)

Of course I did take some normal ones also.

moon 6.1.15 (2 of 5)

So which one do you like the best? From top to bottom? Comment below.

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4 Generation of Technology

So today I had the privilege of celebrating our nieces 30th birthday. Happy Birthday Victoria!!!  Most of the Family was there and fun was had by all! This was one of my favorite pictures from today. My father-in-law and his great granddaughter. The irony of this photo is that he spend 20 plus years in the tech field and retired from IBM. She is not even 2 years old and knows how to use a cell phone better then she can talk. When he was 2 there was only the rotary phone of which only the wealthy were privileged to have. Bob and Paisley  (1 of 1)

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.54.53 PM

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Hot Rods, Cars and Trucks!

One of my passions is photographing Hot Rods, Cars, and trucks! It is so much fun getting to know the owners of these amazing vehicles. Hearing the stories behind the cars. These machines are like family members to them. I am very fortunate to live in Austin Texas where almost every week their is some form gathering of car collectors, enthusiast, and all out gear heads. Here are a few samples for you to enjoy. For more car photos you can check out my website Thanks for looking!!!

Metal Print Sample 5x7 corvette (1 of 1)

Low rider (1 of 1)

Metal Print Sample 8x10 Blk car (1 of 1)

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Under the Moonlight

So after weeks and even months of rain here in central Texas the moon finally decided to  show her shadowy face! Something that as of late only happens for few short minutes at a time. My bride and I were out on a walk in the park with our dog and of course I just happened to have my camera. Then there she was! The moment that I had been secretly waiting to happen. Bright enough to take the shot but still having the clouds around to give her that mystical look. So there it is. That one split second of time that will never be seen again except in this picture……. Enjoy!

moon 5.15 hight res (1 of 1)

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So after the Memorial Day floods here in Austin I went down to the waterfall at Brushy Creek to try out my new ND filter and this little guy shows up to pose for me. What a treat! It’s aA Yellow Crowned Night – Heron. It was probably heading north to the marshlands and decided to check out the flooded creek. That is what is so fun about photography. You sent out with the intention to photograph one thing and something else catches your eye.  Look for pictures of the waterfall soon!

Heron-Yellow Crowned (1 of 1)

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Have to start somewhere

Welcome to my new blog!
This will definitely be a work in progress. I never really saw myself as a blogger but I wanted to share some of my photography and the stories behind them to anyone who cares join in. Please feel free to give feed back and comments. Let’s see how this goes!

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Freedom By Lens

Freedom By Lens:     “One picture at a time”

This blog is a look into my journey as a photographer. The goal is to bring you samples of my work, tell the stories of the photos. Occasionally I will review products and interview the people and their role they play in the pictures.

I believe that a photograph is one of the most magical things ever! It gives me the ability to stop time, hold a memory, and share it with the world.

Thanks for looking!!

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